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Sohail Ershadi: Pioneering Cybersecurity with a Decade of IT Expertise

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Sohail Ershadi, based in Australia, is the energetic force behind CyberXcel Training Academy. His journey is both intriguing and inspiring, beginning his career not in tech, but in music. Despite his love for creating melodies, he found it challenging to meet his financial needs and, with his wedding on the horizon, he decided to change direction.

Driven by his fascination with computers, Sohail made a bold career switch into Information Technology (IT). The new path was full of challenges, with a world of information to sift through and no sure guide on where to start. However, Sohail was resilient, navigating through the uncertainties with determination and perseverance.

Sohail’s struggle bore fruit, and he found himself thriving in his IT career. It provided him the stable, fulfilling life he desired, igniting his passion to support others facing similar career transitions. He turned his journey into a stepping stone for others, establishing CyberXcel Training Academy.

CyberXcel, under Sohail’s guidance, assists aspiring professionals to gain necessary skills, earn relevant certifications, build compelling resumes, and apply for IT and cybersecurity jobs. Moreover, it provides them with the knowledge to advance in their careers once they’ve secured their first cybersecurity roles.

Today, Sohail Ershadi is a significant figure in the Australian IT and cybersecurity sector. Along with leading CyberXcel, he has worked with renowned cybersecurity names across Australia, offering cybersecurity consulting services. His expertise aids organizations in strengthening their cybersecurity measures, equipping them to safeguard their systems against potential threats.

From being a musician to becoming a respected IT professional and founder of a thriving academy, Sohail’s journey exemplifies resilience and the power of a career transition. Now, he’s devoted to easing the path for others pursuing their dreams in the IT and cybersecurity industry. His story serves as an inspiration, proving that it’s never too late to follow your passion and succeed in a new field.

Mission: Empowering Talents, Securing Future

Do you feel undervalued at your current IT job? CyberXcel Training Academy is here to empower talented professionals like you by providing practical, hands-on cybersecurity training. Transition from boring, undervalued job role to high-paying defensive cybersecurity role in just six months. Our cybersecurity academy is here to make ripples in the IT industry by teaching IT professionals how to succeed. We aim to transform lives without the need of degress and multiple certifications.

Vision: Bridging The Gap Between What is and What Could Be

CyberXcel is a training academy where collaboration and creativity thrive. We intend to attain world-class status for comprehensive research and development in the multifaceted world of cybersecurity. CyberXcel Training Academy aims to build and maintain a supportive community of skilled cybersecurity professionals who feel fulfilled, valued, and confident in their careers.

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CyberXcel Training Academy -
A Journey From Struggles To Six Figure Salary

Do you ever feel stuck in a never-ending cycle at your current IT job? If you’re tired of feeling unappreciated and undervalued, it’s time for a major change — one that can completely transform your career. Joining CyberXcel Training Academy can be just the change you are looking for. 

CyberXcel Training Academy is a trusted and dedicated cybersecurity academy. We have a clear mission to educate talented IT professionals to transition into high-paying careers. We recognize the growing gap in cybersecurity expertise. Thus, we are here to bridge that gap by providing IT professionals with advanced courses.


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Master In Cybersecurity With Advanced Tactical Strategies

At CyberXcel Training Academy, students learn real strategies. We are committed to providing you with constant encouragement throughout your journey. Our team is proactively available to help and support you while ensuring you never feel isolated or overwhelmed during your studies.

Our cybersecurity team is always on top of the latest industry advancements. We provide a program that focuses on delivering results. Our experts help you choose the training path that best aligns with your professional objectives. We will do so through continuous guidance, teaching, and support.

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University degrees and certifications are crucial. However, they are not all that you need to succeed in professional life. At CyberXcel Training Academy, our motto is just this. Offering a thriving and empowering space where IT professionals can learn and grow with or without any degrees or certifications. We focus on providing you with the knowledge and experience that truly matter in the cybersecurity industry.

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